Over 180 years in the Shipping Sector

In 1837 Mr. Lewis Gellie Hamilton, a Scottish gentleman from Greenock, set up in Tenerife, with his old employee, the Company BRUCE HAMILTON & CO., dedicated mainly in trading with Europe and the care of the ships that arrived to the Island. In 1839, the Company was nominated Lloyd’s Agents.

Soon after, Mr. Hamilton acquired Mr. Bruce’s participation and the Company change it’s name to HAMILTON & COMPANY.

It was at the time when the Canaries, due to their ideal location, served as a base for repleneshing coal, provisions and for resting before facing the long journey ahead.

Other aspects of HAMILTON’S business where those of wine and cochineal export and banana production.

In 1957 HAMILTON & COMPANY was established in the island of Gran Canaria, in this way being able to attend the two Canarian Provinces, and consequently all the Archipielago.

Today, HAMILTON & COMPANY, continue to give its clients the service and efficiency obtained in over 160 years of experience.

We are official partners of Hamilton PMO, which is a Project Management Organization for the drilling and Offshore industry, based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.